Barrier1 Systems, Inc. (Barrier1) is dedicated to providing State of the Art vehicle barriers and security solutions, using innovative products with unique features and capabilities. The company founder and President, Michael Lamore, and the employees are dedicated to providing innovative security solutions and vehicle barrier systems that meet the needs of the Customer.

Barrier1 provides engineering, fabrication, and installation of its products which include its net based reduced risk energy absorbing vehicle barrier, shallow mount bollards, fixed & removable bollards, crash beam swing gate, electric drop arm gate, quick connect barrier, crash rated fencing, horizontal crash beam, waterway arrestor, and other products. Barrier1 can integrate camera systems, control systems, wireless devices, solar power, card readers, alarms, traffic signals, safety devices, traffic gates, PLCs, over speed & wrong way detection, and other devices as part of the security solution.

Significant research and development has been completed which includes 26 vehicle crash tests where Department of State K4, K8, K12, and ASTM M30, M40, & M50 ratings have been obtained. Vehicle barrier products are approved by the Department of Defense and included on the DoD's approved list of anti-ram vehicle barriers.

Barrier1 Systems employs expertise in engineering, welding and metal works, controls, electronics, power systems, programming, manufacturing, and construction. The company was founded in 2005 to provide security solutions that meet the Customers' needs, using a cost effective approach to deliver vehicle barrier systems and other security products.