Barrier1 Systems, Inc. (Barrier1) is dedicated to providing State of the Art vehicle barriers and high-security solutions, using innovative products with unique features and capabilities. The company's founder and President, Michael Lamore, and the employees are dedicated to providing innovative high-security solutions and crash rated barrier systems that meet the needs of the Customer. In the past 15 years, more than 2000 of our barrier systems have been fielded in 11 countries.

Barrier1 provides engineering design, drawings, fabrication & assembly, custom controls & electronics, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance. Products include our net barrier (reduced risk with energy absorption systems), shallow foundation bollards, fixed & removable bollards, retractable bollards, drop & swing crash beams, electric drop arms, mobile drop arms, ground retractable crash beams, electric wedge barriers, quick connect barriers, crowd protection barriers, waterway access control barriers, swing gates, crash rated cable fencing, and other products. Where requested, Barrier1 integrates camera systems with DVR, customized controls, wireless remote controls, solar power recharge, card readers, audible & visual alarms, traffic signals, safety detection devices, PLCs, over speed detection, wrong way detection, RFID tag activation, and other systems and devices as part of the security solution. We often work with General Contractors, Installers, and Maintenance Personnel as part of the delivery process.

Significant research and product development has been completed. This includes 30+ independent third-party vehicle crash tests where ASTM M30 (K4), M40 (K8), and M50 (K12) certifications have been obtained. Extensive lab testing of materials, connections and components have also been completed. Barrier1’s products are approved by the Department of Defense (DoD) and included on the DoD's approved list of anti-ram vehicle barriers. Customers often give Barrier1 unique and specialized security or access control requirements, where we develop a cost effective solution that meets the specific needs.

Barrier1 employs expertise in engineering, welding and metal works, controls & alarms, electronics, power systems, programming, manufacturing, and installation. The company was founded in 2002, and incorporated in 2006. Barrier1 is the direct manufacturer and engineer for its products, and supports the products after installation.

Our mission is to deliver high-security barrier solutions that protect personnel and critical assets, using a cost effective approach to provide innovative barriers and security products, that meet the Customer's specific needs.