DoD Approved Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

Crash Rated Products

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  1. Net Barrier - Retractable Net to 80' span, 2 Second Deployment, Reduced Risk w/ Energy Absorption

  2. Drop Arm Crash Beams (Electric) - Automated Drop Arm, Raise or Lower Arm in 5 Seconds, Prefabricated

  3. Drop Arm Crash Beams (Mobile) - Electric Automated Drop Arm, Built-in Generator, 30 min Setup

  4. Drop & Swing Crash Beams (Manual) - Pre-assembled, Mobile, Surface Set, 30 min Setup

  5. Drop & Swing Crash Beams (Kit Based) - Ships on 1 Pallet, Mobile System, Modular Parts, Field Assembled

  6. Ground Retractable Crash Beams - Retractable Horizontal Beam, Energy Absorption, 2 Sec Deployment

  7. Wedge Barrier (Electric) - Automated Active Steel Plate Barrier, 2 Second Deployment, Hi-Cycle

  8. Bollards - Set & Pour, Shallow Foundation, Retractable, Removable and Others

  9. Waterway Barrier - Provides Access Control Across Waterway, Raise & Lower Barrier up to 70' Spans

  10. Quick Connect Cable Barrier - Manually Operated, Connect or Disconnect in 3 min, Spans up to 55'

  11. Crowd Protection Barrier - Electric, Retractable Barrier to 60', Blocks Access Roads to Protect Crowds

  12. Gate Barrier - Manual Swing Gate, Lightweight, Operated by One Person, Modular Components

  13. Projectile Barrier - Stops High Speed Projectiles & Vehicle Impacts, Lightweight & Modular

  14. Robust Engineered Nets - High Strength, Lightweight Nets Engineered for Specialty Applications

  15. Overspeed Radar Detection - Continuous Vehicle Detection in Defined Zone(s) with Early Warning Alarms

  16. Wrongway Vehicle Detection - Provides Early Warning Alarms with Option of Deploying Barrier(s)