About Us

Barrier1 Systems, Inc. provides robust physical barriers with unique capabilities that meet specific needs and requirements of the Customer. Our high-security barrier systems are used in perimeter security applications; for vehicle access control; to protect critical infrastructure and facilities; to control access along waterways; to provide anti-terrorism solutions; to protect personnel and soldiers; and to stop projectile impacts. Barrier1 Systems provides crash rated barriers with massive stopping capabilities. Our work includes testing, R&D, engineering, design, submittals, fabrication, worldwide shipping, installation, and maintenance. Over the past 15 years, more than 2000 barriers have been provided in 11 countries. Unique solutions meeting specific requirements have been developed and fielded, to support both government and commercial end users.

Barrier1 Systems is the manufacturer and owner of its products, including the design, engineering, and testing for the products. Over the past 15 years, extensive R&D and testing have been completed to both develop and enhance products. More than 30+ independent, third-party crash tests have been completed to develop and enhance product capabilities, materials, connections, and other features. Engineering, design, drawings, barrier specifications, product data, maintenance plans and other submittals are completed in-house. Barrier1 Systems provides these submittals for review by the Customer, prior to fabrication.

Barrier1 Systems has fabrication, assembly, and testing facilities. Equipment and machines for fabrication and machining are in-house. Skilled trades are employed to provide welding, machining, CNC precision cutting of steel and aluminum, assembly, finishing and painting, and loading. Strong relationships have been developed with key suppliers and subcontractors to outsource work. Key suppliers provide raw steel, aluminum, cables, springs, actuators, electronic parts, hydraulic parts, specialty steel components, connectors, hot dip galvanizing, and other supplies and services. The Barrier1 System’s team, including its suppliers and subcontractors, is both experienced and capable.

Barrier1 Systems designs and assembles the electronics and control panels for its barrier systems. This in-house capability allows us to customize controls and electronics to meet site specific needs and requirements for each Customer. The software, operational logic, and programmable logic controller (PLC) are configured by Barrier1 Systems, and can be modified as requested by the Customer. This ability to integrate the software, electronics and controls with the mechanical functions and operations of the barriers is a key capability, making it a seamless efficient manufacturing process. Barrier1 Systems provides a multitude of options regarding electronics, alarms, and controls to meet Customer needs. This includes traffic signals, flashing warning lights, audible alarms, visual alarms, safety loop detectors and trigger loops, infrared light detectors, vehicle automatic activation tags, deployment and retraction buttons, wireless remote controllers, various indicator lights on control panels, card readers, radar and wrong way vehicle detection, camera systems, tamper alarms, and other devices.

Installation of the barriers can be completed by either Barrier1 Systems or a local contractor. Our products include installation instructions with drawings and specifications. The barrier systems are shipped pre-fabricated as modular components, which reduces installation costs and time. Barrier1 Systems provides installation support and configuration assistance, when another contractor is installing the barrier. Once installed, Barrier1 Systems completes a commissioning and testing plan with the Customer present, to verify that all functions, controls, lights, alarms, and other aspects of the barrier are accepted. Maintenance plans are provided with each barrier. Barrier1 Systems can perform the periodic maintenance, or train local individuals to perform the maintenance. Visits to our facility can be arranged for training, to operate various demo barriers set-up, observe factory testing, tour the manufacturing facility, or for other reasons.

Barrier1 Systems has extensive experience providing robust barrier systems with unique capabilities which meet Customer needs and requirements. The products are proven. Barrier1 Systems is committed to providing quality products, on schedule, and on budget.