Net Barrier - Retractable Net to 80' span, 2 Second Deployment, Reduced Risk w/ Energy Absorption, Bi-Directional Stopping Capability, ASTM M50 (K12)

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Air Force Security Arrests Vehicle Using Reduced Risk Net Barrier

In March 2017, Air Force Security deployed Barrier1 System's Net Barrier when an intoxicated driver breached an access control point. Barrier1's Active Net deployed in 2 seconds before an SUV with a civilian driver impacted the barrier at approximately 40 MPH. Fortunately, the driver was not injured and walked away. The airbags did not deploy. Barrier1's Active Net Barrier "gives" and absorbs energy upon impact which prevented casualties and minimized damage. Security personnel commented that they were pleased that deployment of the barrier did not result in injury to the civilian driver. Security guards were not reluctant to deploy the net barrier, given its reduced risk stopping capability. Barrier1 System's net barrier remained in place, and the net was reused without damage.